Studio Updates —

Studio updates.


The portfolios on this web page range over a long period of time. I work in many directions simultaneously and over various lengths of time. So you will find that some of these portfolios overlap, with an occasional photo appearing in more than one of them. Many of the images could easily be in one portfolio or another or in several of them. The titles and groupings are only to give a kind of coherence and to suggest the broad ideas I am working with and many of the photos are there in a metaphorical sense rather than literally.

Flow was a series done in the summer of 2010 in the small river under my house. My family were the main models.

Transient Narratives is a series done in the late 1990's up to 2006. It was work created mostly in cities when i was travelling a great deal. Several photos are combined to form single images with a  short circuited narrative sense,  as in a dream.

Oracle was made more or less at the same time, but where the individual photo was more suggestive.

The 4 Realms, Earth, Air, Fire and Water where most of my images lie. The fifth realm being time, the mother of us, and especially of photography, for all photographs are made through and take place in time. The photos cover a large period of time, most being made in recent years but some, the black and white double images, coming from as far back as the late 1970's and the early 1980's.

A Book of Hands is about hands! These images were taken over many years, and have in common a sense of the importance and significance of hands and their gestures.

stephen roach